Why Submitting Your Blog Sitemap To Google and Bing Webmaster Tool a Must?

Posted by Jan-Jan Defante On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 6 comments
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Sitemap is the list of all pages in your site or in other words it is the map of your site available to crawlers or users. It is usually listed in an organized manner. It tells or helps the search engine about the pages in your site, their relative importance to each other, and how often they are updated.This also helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on your site easily.
So why it’s very important for us to submit our blog sitemap to search engine’s webmaster tool like Google and Yahoo? Here’s are the three things that I learn since I started to submit my sitemap to webmaster tool

  • It helps Index our site faster 

    Of course we don’t need to wait for Googlebot or other crawlers to visit index our site time by time, so we are the one who will approach them by submitting our sitemap to their webmaster tool. In that way we can make our site get index faster compare to it if we never submit at all. It’s really important for our site to get index by search engine because it helps our site appear in search results especially in the first page.

  • Boost traffic

    Getting index by Google means traffic, it’s like the main source of life in our site. Obviously search engine is the first tool for our site be discover by people and go live all over the world which means a big boost of traffic in our site but that can only happen if we back it up with a right SEO strategy like link building.

  • Help us in improving page rank in Google

    Having a high page rank in Google gives your site authority and get a big chance to get listed in the first page of search result with the use of your keyword. But we all know that it’s not easy because there are lots of factor that we need to do for our site. In my experience in order for us to get rank by Google easily is to learn about SEO strategy and submitting your sitemap to search engine webmaster tool is also a kinds of SEO. Trust me submitting your sitemap can play a big role for you site to get rank in Google. 




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Jan Christian said...

I love this info

i love this info said...


Liza Krystal said...

Ye I agree with. We must submit blog sitemap to Google and Bing. It is best way to get indexed soon. You must submit your blog to free ad posting sites link.

Anurag Agarwal said...

very informative, gave me answers to few of my questions. thanks

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