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Review My Juicer Blog

Review My Juicer pinoy blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Its a review site for juicers. A simple blog that contains helpful ratings and reviews about juicers. These reviews could help decide which juicer work best for you.

The Vanilla Housewife

vanilla housewife
The Vanilla Housewife Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Stories from a third world kitchen that will make you laugh. Or cringe.

Written by Jhanis V., wife, a grunge mom, baker wanna-be, slightly funny blogger, all opinions stated on the blog are her own but may have been influenced by her children.

All characters in this blog are purely non-fictitious, any resemblance to real persons living somewhere else is purely coincidental simply because we are here and not anywhere else, otherwise I will tell you should we move somewhere else in this planet.

Foody Haven

Foody haven Food pinoy Blog
Foody Haven Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Foody Haven is a blog about delicious foods reviews, easy recipes and great restaurants in the Philippines. Read it so you know what to expect, discover different cuisines, learn how to cook and budget :)