Jexx Hinggo - Bakasyonista Ako

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Jexx Hinggo
Jexx Hinggo - Bakasyonista Ako

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The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-Of-My-Day Bore.
A Frequent Traveler / Food Enthusiast / Beach Bum / Paparazzo / Obscure / Self-Promoter / Registered Nurse / Recruitment Supervisor

Jexx Hinggo is a personal blog by yours truly. I blog about my recent trips to different parts of the our country, the Philippines!

Everything interesting in life, social media, food, and of course, TRAVEL! I give tips in traveling. I share itineraries fit for your next vacation. You can also book flights with me! I can help you plan for your next trip with friends and family.

Team Tababoy

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team tababoy
Team Tababoy Blog

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We're a young couple that decided to create a blog so we could share our simple stories to everyone. Not just about ourselves but basically about everyone and every little things that we love and appreciate.


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Pia Thought blog

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Piathought blogs about life, reviews anything under the sun like food and restaurant, movies, and anything in between. Piathought is working towards being a responsible social influencer.

Piathought dreams and aims to be a professional blogger, and a digital marketer.
She is amazed by technology and the digital world.

Piathought is an entrepreneur and business woman by heart.
She loves developing business plans and feasibility studies for her future businesses.

Piathought wants to develop creativity within her.
She loves painting and drawing, and strives to bring those all again to life.

Piathought knows she is a valuable daughter of God, a masterpiece of Him.

She is a believer of Jesus Christ. Saved. Loved.
Passionate blogger. Frustrated dancer. Poet. Mama's girl.

Janjanboy Basketball Blog

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janjanboy basketball and sports blog
Janjanboy's Blog

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Just a blog owned by guy who's a huge fan of basketball. In this blog I publish any topic about basketball such as nba news, latest basketball shoes, funny basketbal memes, experience, anime sports, tips, opinions about the sports and more. I also publish other interesting sports topic from time to time. Visit my blog if you are a basketball fanatic like me!

Foody Haven

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Foody Haven

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Foody Haven is a blog about delicious foods reviews, easy recipes and great restaurants in the Philippines. Read it so you know what to expect, discover different cuisines, learn how to cook and budget :)

Jammy Mommy

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Jammy Mommy Blog

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(This is all about the things I love to write about!)

Mommy tips: I'm a single mother and wanted to show some of my tips how I take care of my son. I got to experience the happiness and bitterness of being in love and I wanted to share all the things I learn during those times.

Food: I want to share my reviews where me and my future hubby likes pig out sometimes :)

News: Trending about everything :)