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Pages of my Life

Pages of my Life blog list
Pages of my Life Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

A personal blog of Monabelle Salaan. The author talks about life inspiration, happiness, path to success, breakup life lessons, and the events in her life.

In her writing, you can see the evolution of a woman. From a heartache, she slowly find and pick up the pieces of herself. This discovery led her to a of much greater purpose in life and that is having relationship with God.

The Beauty of Filipino Language in Poetry is Endless

The Beauty of Filipino Language in Poetry is Endless
The Beauty of Filipino Language in Poetry is Endless Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

This blog showcases all of my Original Filipino Writings (OFWs) mostly in Poetry: Tulang Pinoy, Sariling Wika, mga Awit at Kuwento ng aking Puso at Damdamin. This tells the whole world that the beauty of Filipino language in Poetry is Endless. Para sa akin ito ay maliit – o simpleng adhikain – pero aking naipapakita ang pagmamalasakit sa bayang kong pinagmulan. Aking ipinapaalala sa atin ang mga tinuran ni Dr. Jose P. Rizal na ang isang taong hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay masahol pa sa malansang isda - "He who does not love his own language surpassed the fishy, slimy and smelly fish."

Go, Taste, Blog!

go taste blog pinoy
Go Taste, Blog!

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Go, Taste, Blog! started as personal diary of my travels and food-tripping with friends. Now, I write not just about food and travel but everything and anything in between and under the sun--lifestyle, etc. It is also now targeted for a bigger audience--the general public, which I hope will find my blog informative and entertaining.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life blog
Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destinies to love aflame with conflicts, ambitions, lies, hatred, revenge and friendship.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life is a story of young man from a small island of Negros Occidental, the Philippines, who treaded his life to a city and found his true love. He never thought that life in Manila (The City of Hopes) is a rugged terrain of heartaches, lies, hatred and revenge. He found his true-self when destiny engulfed him working in a faraway place called Dubai (The City of Dreams) as an OFW. Lied and played his game so well to reach his dreams; used his charms to build corporations and became a Billionaire.

Travel Dive Connect

Travel Dive Connect pinoy blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Travel Dive Connect is an online campaign for responsible travel, eco-friendly tourism and Philippine marine conservation. Ultimately, it wants to inspire Filipinos to be conscientious in their local travels, and to care for the culture, communities and environments that they visit -- all while having awesome fun!

Nheng's Wonderland

Nheng's wonderland pinoy blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Nheng's Wonderland is a blog of a mom with twin boys. It is her outlet on what she does everyday. She consider it as a personal blog because she writes what interest her. Blog consist of DIY, Braids and Hairstyles, OOTD's, Product Reviews, Travels, Events, Foods, Crochet and her Babies. She is just a newbie in terms of blogging but have a passion in everything she does. She loves finding new things and learning new things and so excited to share it on her blog. When it comes to writing this blogger still has a lot to learn but is open to criticisms that may improve her a lot. 

Rolled Into One Mom

Rolled Into One Mom Pinoy Blog
Rolled Into One Mom Blog

Pinoy Blog Description 

A Blog About Life, Love and Everything Else in Between! My journey as a writer, entrepreneur, public servant and by some surprising twist of fate - a single momma!

My take on just about everything life has dealt me with! This journey is about you and me!

My passion turned into a career, a mom in public service. That is me!