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Nostalgic Momma

Nostalgic Momma philippines

Pinoy Blog Description : 

My blog is all about celebrating motherhood and personal life. It aims to help young mothers like me, and inspire and connect with other mommies with the same advocacies in parenting.

Nostalgic Momma aims to help and inspire other mommies as we journey through and celebrate motherhood, love and life. This blog is built due to the long lost dream of becoming a writer, and the euphoria of being a mother! :)

Twitchy Mom Blog

Twitchy Mom Blog philippines

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Motherhood, Manga, Cooking and everything under the sun, being a full time mom, anime, korean series, gaming, blogging, how to, reviews, fangirling, anxiety, post partum anxiety, survivor, fighter!

Wobbly Khid

wobbly kid blog philippines

Pinoy Blog Description : 

We are crafted into one great mystery because even beyond the whims of our magical thoughts, we still dwell on reality. Our life is full of untold stories. As we live each day, new stories are being reaped. Most of the times, we tend to keep them, but this blog is created for stories waiting to be untold. I hope everyone will enjoy, I know some of you might not but It’s worth a try! Enjoy reading!

Cebu Philippines Travel Guide Blog

Cebu Philippines Travel Guide Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Cebu Philippines tourist destinations cebu beach resorts hotels in cebu city scuba diving cebu island wildlife sanctuary mactan resorts cebu beach resorts cebu time

She's Louisse

pinoy blog sheslouisse

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Here's to the girl with no sense of direction, who's on an ironic mission to find beautiful places to get lost in.

A former home buddy slash couch potato for 21 years,she was raised by awesome yet conservative parents in a typical Filipino home. One ordinary girl living an ordinary life, she is currently a marketing superwoman on weekdays and a single clueless soul on weekends.

Finding freedom and embracing her own greatness, she is on a journey towards discovering new places, meeting different people and trying unfamiliar experiences to get to know what living the life really means; to travel and see the world differently.

Pinoy Metro Geek

pinoy geek blog philippines

Pinoy Blog Description : 

PinoyMetroGeek is a popular technology blog in the Philippines that started operating as a personal-tech site into a content-driven blog that covers everything about Technology and more. 

Bwisit na Buhay

Bwisit na Buhay Blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Ang bwisit na buhay ay kumakatawan at sumasalamin sa likas na katangian nating mga pilipino na matawa sa gitna ng mga problema at mga nakakabwisit na pangyayari sa ating buhay.

When My Unspoken Mind Speaks

Pinoy Blog Description : 

This blog is a channel to express my opinions and serves as my travel blog. I like traveling and I want to keep all those memories through pictures. I like writing my travel diary in this blog.

Review My Juicer Blog

Review My Juicer pinoy blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

Its a review site for juicers. A simple blog that contains helpful ratings and reviews about juicers. These reviews could help decide which juicer work best for you.

Mrs. Chubs Diary

Mrs. Chubs Diary pinoy blog

Pinoy Blog Description : 

This is the story of a trying-hard blogger who wants to share her random (crazy) ideas to the world! It will contain her personal experiences, her thoughts and everything that comes into her mind that she deemed to give positive vibes to everyone. It may not be have topics as interesting as any other blogs have, but one thing is for sure, those experiences that I write are genuinely mine!