Annoying Facts About Your Blog Design

Posted by Jan-Jan On Thursday, September 5, 2013 4 comments

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First of all I just want to clarify that I’m not a web developer nor a web designer. In this post I just want to list the things that what makes a blog or site really annoying and create a first bad impression for most people.

Popups – I know that most blogger somehow just want to make money out of their blog. Because of that they tend to accept the pop ups service from advertising sites that they join for them to earn additional money. But come on! you and everyone know that pop ups are just one of the most irritating things that you will encounter around the net. It just make your blog look spammy and low quality. So if you’re not really that desperate to earn money then please avoid putting a popup ads or pop ups subscription form asking for your visitor to subscribe. Trust me most people really hate popups!

Lots of big images or No images at all – One big image per article is acceptable but if you do it more than three without even minimizing it’s original sizes then I think your doing a big mistake. Big images just worsen your page loading time and that what makes your reader get a first bad impression about your site, so it is much better if you minimize it. I believe bigger and lots of images in an article is only acceptable if your running a photography, travel, food or personal site but if not then better avoid doing that. On the other hand, having no images at all in every bit of your article is much worse. Having no images to all of your article just make your blog look so boring especially if you write almost a thousand word per article without even putting one. Sometimes good images explain a million words so its better you use one at a time.


Simple Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

Posted by Jan-Jan On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 35 comments

Let’s say you’ve have written a lot of great and unique blog post to your blog. Your quite sure that every reader on your blog will surely like this. But it turns out that after a few a days or week you feel that there’s no one even try to comment on your content and no one even push the simple “like button” in it.

I know a lot of great blogger around the net who has the problem like this. I can say that they really have a fun, informative or helpful blog content but still they haven’t get enough appraisal that they really deserves. For most of us blogger, receiving a response from our readers is like a food for us. We feel a great fulfillment about ourselves whenever our readers give us good complement for the content that we made, that’s why it’s really important that we get a real one response at a time for us to be motivated and enjoy blogging at the next level.